About Me 

I have a background in nursing and clinical research and often write about medicine and healthcare. Recent stories include video game addiction, the opioid crisis, transgender healthcare, microdosing LSD, laughing gas for labor pain, paramedics who make house calls, and the new "smart" drugs, nootropics.                  

And I teach writing too at the Diablo Writers' Workshop--where we write and take risks but don't take ourselves too seriously. We all have interesting stories to tell—helping writers tap those stories and learn how best to frame them is what excites me about teaching. I've taught writing in college and community settings and cofounded the Diablo Writers Workshop in two locations in the East Bay.

I have an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Saint Mary's College of California where I am adjunct faculty. I recently taught a class on design thinking applied to life design. I am currently at work writing collection of photo-inspired essays.


Originally from Philadelphia, I had a wonderful twenty-year layover in Chicago, and 15 years ago landed on the west coast where I love hiking on the beaches and in the California redwoods with my husband, Andy, and our dog, Pepsi and open water swimming with anyone willing to jump in with me.